Organic Matcha



Organic Matcha tea is stone-ground to produce a smooth, fine powder. It is easily identified by its vibrant, chlorophyll-filled, emerald green colour.

How does it taste?

Tempt your taste buds with the on-trend drink for jet-setters. Matcha liquor has a stunning emerald green colour and a strong, noble aroma. Sip and the delicate vegetal taste with a lingering sweet aftertaste. The whisking process offers a rich, creamy frothy foam on the top.

Health Benefits

Organic Matcha is rich in L-theanine, an amino acid that enhances the mood gives long-lasting energy and better-focused memory. It offers an instant energy boost that works wonderfully well with a fitness regime.

For Best Brewing

Whisk and Bowl
500ml just-boiled water
  1 to 2 teaspoons
  Whisk vigorously in a zig-zah motion until the tea is forthy.
   Add a teaspoon of honey or your preferred sweetener.

  180ml just-boiled water
  1 teaspoon
  Add a few drops of hot water to matcha powder mix into paste with a spoon. Add more hot water to paste mixture and stir. Adjust measurement to suit taste.
    Add a teaspoon of honey or your preferred sweetener.

Product Packaging

Resealable Zip Pouch
50g |
250g |


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