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Grapeseed extract is created through organic processes, which do not involve or use any chemical substances. You can also produce it by using only simple instruments at home. The most sophisticated mechanical equipment you need is probably a grinding appliance. A step-by-step guide on how to perform the processes is listed as follows.

1. Separate skin and seed

Grapeseed extract image.When you are making a grape juice or other beverages with grapes, remove the seeds and skin carefully. To make it easier, you may need to use a strainer for the best results. You will also need to wash them thoroughly before you can begin the extraction processes.

2. Cold Press

Let the skin and seeds of the grapes to dry for approximately 24 hours. It ensures that the remaining grape juice is entirely gone. In the meantime, heat both seed and skin with low temperature only. This step is technically called cold-pressing. It is not actually essential to heat the seeds to make grapeseed extract, but this will allow you to produce more oil. The process will also make the seed to dry more quickly.

As the oil comes out, a small amount of juice will also be produced so you will need to separate those two substances. It is probably necessary to add some grape extracts to the cold press machine.

3. Separate liquid from the solid

Press the extracts until you see a visible separation between the liquid form (oil) and solids (skin). Set aside and let the liquid to separate even further from the solid form.

4. Skimming

After a little while, the solid will be on the surface of the liquid form. At this state, you can manually separate them by skimming the oil from the solid.

5. Save the oil

It is true that before you can make grapeseed extract, you will also produce grapeseed oil. This vegetable oil also offers various benefits for cosmetic and medical purposes, so you may need to preserve them in bottles or other containers.

6. Extract the Grapeseed

Separate the skin from the seeds because you will no longer need to use the skin at the same time with the seed during the grinding process. Before you can grind the seeds, let them dry thoroughly. The skin of fruits and vegetables actually contains a considerable amount of nutrients, but you cannot grind both of them together.

7. Start grinding

Grind the seeds and skin separately. Use a grinding appliance for the best possible extraction results. Keep grinding until you have a fine powder from both sources. You can combine the powder in one container or separately in different bottles depending on your preferences.

8. Store in gelatin capsules

Store the powder in some gelatin capsules and keep the capsules in a bottle.


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