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  • Air Tight Glass Jar with Lock

    SMALL Capacity | 750ml Body Diameter | 11cm Lip Diameter | 9.7cm Height | 14.2cm MEDIUM Capacity | 1500ml Body Diameter | 11.5cm Lip Diameter | 9.7cm Height | 22cm LARGE Capacity | 3000ml Body Diameter | 14cm Lip Diameter | 9.7cm Height | 27cm  

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  • Air Tight Tin Canister

    This food-grade stainless steel air-tight tea caddy can be used to store tea, coffee, sugar, oatmeal, cereals, seeds, nuts, and other food products. Colours: Black, Cream, Rose Gold, Red, and Lime Green XS: 45 mm x 47 mm Small: 65 mm x 47 mm Tea Source MNL Tin Can Large: 86 x 188 mm XL: […]

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  • Aloe Tea

    Dried Aloe leaves are elongated and brittle, coloured in tones of earthy brown, tan, sepia and pale gold. The leaves twist during the drying process and take on lovely shapes that range from spirals to curls, corkscrews and scrolls. Caffeine Content | Caffeine-free Liquor Colour | Light yellow How does it taste? Be lulled by […]

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  • Apple Flower Tea

    Apple Flower tea is delicate, spring blossoms that are dried and have a light, airy look with dark blooms and contrasting lighter tan stalks and leaves. Caffeine Content | Caffeine-free Liquor Colour | Golden yellow How does it taste? Apple Flowers steep to produce a deliciously pleasant, fresh and light tea with a soft, yellow […]

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  • Assam Black Tea CTC

    Assam Black Tea CTC tea is processed via the unorthodox CTC, Crush, Tear and Curl method. This results in the leaves being formed into evenly-sized small, hard round pellets. The pellets are a dark earthy brown colour with hints of black. Caffeine Content | Moderate Liquor Colour | Red copper How does it taste? Assam […]

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  • Assam Milk Tea Powder

    Top-quality Assam tea is ground to produce a smooth, fine powder. It is identified by its delicate, soft texture. Ingredients: Assam tea powder, milk, and sugar. Serving Suggestion Hot Tea   120ml just-boiled water   1 to 2 tablespoons Stir vigorously until powder if completely dissolved. Cold Tea   120ml just-boiled water   2 to […]

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  • Basil Seed

    Basil seeds are small, slightly flattened seeds that have a hard outer shell with a dark black colour. When steeped in boiling water, they take on a gelatinous texture, rather like tiny tadpoles! How does it taste? Basil Seeds Tea intrigues the senses with a lovely light-yellow shade and a thick layer of dark, jelly-like […]

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  • Blackberry Cactus Tea

    Dark black tea leaves that are dried and have twisted shapes, interspersed with nuggets of black current, slivers of greenish Milpa Alta cactus, dark purple blueberry, and slivers of white tea. Caffeine Content: Caffeine-free Liquor Colour: Golden yellow Ingredients: Milpa Alta cactus, blackberries, mulberries, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, hibiscus, pineapple, and white tea. How does it […]

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