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    Dong Ding Frozen Summit Oolong

    Frozen Summit Oolong tea leaves have a dramatic dark, vibrant green, brown and almost-black colour. They resemble a curly semi-ball shape that has been hand-rolled. Caffeine Content | Low Liquor Colour | Yellow How does it taste? Frozen Summit Oolong delights the senses with a unique luscious taste of floral notes that is sweet and […]

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  • Grapefruit Oolong Tea

    Grapefruit Oolong is a rich medley of dark forest green, brown and almost-black Oolong Tea leaves, hand-rolled into curly semi-balls. Mixed with chunky pieces of dried, yellow and orange-hued grapefruit. Caffeine Content | Low Liquor Colour | Light orange How does it taste? Wake up your senses and kick-start your day with this zesty, refreshing […]

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  • Jin Xuan Milky Oolong G1

    Jin Xuan Oolong (Milky Scent) leaves are hand-rolled into small, tight balls. They have a sandy-green colour with hints of tan on the edges that create a lovely highlight contrast. Caffeine Content | Low Liquor Colour | Yellow How does it taste? Do you long to drink Oolong tea but miss the milky element? Jin […]

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  • Lemon Mint Green Tea

    A colourful combination of dark green, twisted dried leaves, bright yellow chunks of lemon and lemon peel, contrasted with lighter green slivers of mint. Caffeine Content | Low Liquor Color | Gold yellow Ingredients | Green tea, lemon, mint, and lemongrass How does it taste? Delight your taste buds with a strong, refreshing all-minty taste, […]

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  • Mulberry Fruit Tea

    Mulberries are plump, berries that have a glossy red, purple or almost inky black colour. When freshly picked, they tend to stain your hands and mouth! Caffeine Content | Caffeine-free Liquor Colour | Light mulberry How does it taste? Steeped from a mix of both fruits and leaves, the liquor of the Mulberry tea teases […]

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  • Oil Cut Oolong Tea

    Tieguanyin Oil Cut Black Oolong is made from younger and smaller leaves that are fermented giving them an almost black colour. The leaves twist slightly in the process to form curly shapes.. Caffeine Content | Low Liquor Colour | Dark amber How does it taste? Emanating from the glorious deep, golden-yellow hue of this exotic […]

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  • Peach Oolong Tea

    Peach Oolong Tea is a striking combination of dark, forest green, brown and almost-black Oolong Tea leaves, hand-rolled into curly semi-balls, mixed with chunky pieces of dried yellow peaches. Caffeine Content | Low Liquor Colour | Dark amber Ingredients | Charcoal-baked oolong tea and peach How does it taste? Icy Peach Oolong Tea is delicious […]

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  • Rosemary Tea

    Dried sprigs of Rosemary that have a light green to yellow-green colour. They are long and thin in shape, single or attached at the base in pairs. How does it taste? Sipping Rosemary tea is like taking a walk through a pine forest. It is deep, earthy and potent with the taste of woody, lush […]

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  • Sage Leaves Tea

    Sage Leaves are elongated dried leaves with a dusty-green to light brown colour. Stem parts are sometimes included, and the leaves tend to curl up lengthwise. How does it taste? Sip Sage Tea icy cold in Summer and hot in Winter! It delights the senses with a full-bodied grassy-green liquor and a strong, earthy herbal […]

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