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  • Carnation Tea

    Natural Carnation flowers are picked and dried and display a deep red to purple colour on the petals, enclosed by yellow-green sepals and short cut stems. Caffeine Content: Caffeine-free Liquor Colour: Red How does it taste? The dark red carnation symbolises love and affection – what better tea to serve on a romantic picnic? Enjoy […]

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  • Champagne Rose Black Tea

    Champagne Rose Black Tea offers an exciting colour palette of black, purple and vibrant red. The black tea leaves are dried and then oxidised, giving them a dark colour as they form into brittle, twisted shapes. Interspersed into the blend are purple grapes. Lovely red rose petals add a feminine touch. Caffeine Content | High […]

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  • Dandelion Greens Tea

    Dandelion Greens come from the leaves of the plant. After drying out, they form into long, slim slivers that become twisted and curled. The slivers are a dark, forest green in colour. How does it taste? Run free in fields of dandelions! This tea is light and refreshing with a smooth texture and a lovely […]

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  • Expectant Moms Tea

    We have tailored our Expectant Moms loose tea to provide a natural blend of goodness that may help to restore hormonal imbalances with restorative raspberry leaf tea, which is also renowned for its richness in essential vitamins and minerals. This key ingredient can also help to remove toxins and boost folate levels too. The addition […]

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  • Fertility Blend Tea

    Our specialist Fertility Tea blend harmonizes raspberry leaf tea which is known for its richness in vitamins and minerals, including Vitamins B and C, along with potassium, magnesium, iron, and zinc; it is highly regarded for its ability to strengthen the uterus, and it helps to clear out any toxins that could prevent or hinder […]

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  • Golden Edge Rose Bud Tea

    Irrigated by icy snow water in the Yulong Snow Mountain in Lijiang, these delicate, exotic roses and handpicked and dried. The small blooms are a glorious pink colour, nestling inside a shell of yellowy-brown leaves. How does it taste? Made for the ladies! Golden Edge Rose Bud tea speaks of elegant high teas served in […]

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  • Hibiscus Tea

    Dried Hibiscus flowers with an imposing dark, purple colour and withered petals twisting into spooky Halloween-style formations! Caffeine Content | Caffeine-free Liquor Colour | Red How does it taste? Sipped hot on a cold Winter’s evening or icy cold on a Summer picnic, the deep ruby-red hue of the Hibiscus Roselle liquor delights the eye. […]

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  • Sale!

    Lemon Slices, Honey Dipped

    Lemon slices dipped in honey are circular in shape with a lovely golden-yellow colour. The honey adds a darker hint and the skin contrasts in a bright yellow. How does it taste? Send a shiver down your spine with the refreshing sour taste of sun-ripened lemons, tempered by the mellow, rich, natural sweetness of honey. […]

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  • Lemon Slices, Plain

    Circular slices of lemon that are dry and slightly fragile. The flesh has a deep yellow colour and the skin surrounding it is a darker shade of dijon. How does it taste? Scintillate your taste buds! A fresh cup of golden-yellow, tangy lemon tea is the best way to wake up your mood and your […]

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