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  • Citrus Puerh Tea

    Oxidised dried leaves that take on a flat, slightly twisted shape and are an earthy, dark reddish-brown in colour. Interspersed with chunky quarters of oranges. Caffeine Content | Moderate Liquor Color | Amber Ingredients | Raw Pu’er tea and orange peels. How does it taste? Combine the rich, earthiness of Puerh Tea with the crisp, […]

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    Puerh in Mandarin G3

    Appearance If you are looking for something really exotic, Puerh in Mandarin will thrill! This dark leaved tea is packed into a Mandarin shell, allowing it to absorb the flavour of the peel. How does it taste? With a combination of earthy chestnut tones, enhanced by the citrus taste absorbed from the Mandarin peel, this […]

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  • Puerh Raw G3

    Appearance Puerh Raw tea is created from non-fermented green tea leaves that are picked, roasted, naturally dried in the sun and then steamed. The leaves are a dark green with brown and white tips. Puerh Raw Top leaves are often compressed into round cake disks. How does it taste? Delight in the strong, fresh chestnut […]

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  • Puerh Ripe G3

    Appearance Puerh Ripe G3 tea is processed through an accelerated fermentation that turns it from ‘raw’ into ‘ripe’. The leaves take on a flat, slightly twisted shape and are a dark reddish-brown in colour. Puerh Ripe tea can also be pressed into brick-like or bird-nest shapes. How does it taste? Enjoy the bold, thick, smooth […]

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