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  • Culinary Matcha

    Culinary Matcha is a fine, smooth tea powder with a green-yellow hue.¬†Culinary Matcha is best used with other ingredients in recipes for food and beverages. It adds flavour to green tea lattes, smoothies and scrumptious baked treats. Drink it with a little sweetener to get the spiritual, relaxing and calming benefits that matcha is known […]

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  • Organic Japanese Matcha

    Organic Japanese Matcha is stone ground with slow-turning granite wheels to produce a smooth, fine powder. The plants are covered in black film three weeks before harvesting. This film blocks sunlight from reaching the leaves and they are forced to produce more chlorophyll, resulting in the glorious, emerald green colour. How does it taste? Be […]

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  • Organic Matcha

    Organic Matcha tea is stone-ground to produce a smooth, fine powder. It is easily identified by its vibrant, chlorophyll-filled, emerald green colour. How does it taste? Tempt your taste buds with the on-trend drink for jet-setters. Matcha liquor has a stunning emerald green colour and a strong, noble aroma. Sip and the delicate vegetal taste […]

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