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  • Aloe Tea

    Dried Aloe leaves are elongated and brittle, coloured in tones of earthy brown, tan, sepia and pale gold. The leaves twist during the drying process and take on lovely shapes that range from spirals to curls, corkscrews and scrolls. Caffeine Content | Caffeine-free Liquor Colour | Light yellow How does it taste? Be lulled by […]

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  • Apple Flower Tea

    Apple Flower tea is delicate, spring blossoms that are dried and have a light, airy look with dark blooms and contrasting lighter tan stalks and leaves. Caffeine Content | Caffeine-free Liquor Colour | Golden yellow How does it taste? Apple Flowers steep to produce a deliciously pleasant, fresh and light tea with a soft, yellow […]

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  • Black Goji Berry Tea

    Black Goji Berry is extremely rare and exotic fruits that grow wild in the remote and harsh climates of central Asia. The fruit resembles small, dried out raisins with an inky black skin and a light brown stalk. Caffeine Content: Caffeine-free Liquor Colour: Blue How does it taste? Create a sensation at your next dinner […]

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  • Butterfly Pea Tea

    Dried Butterfly Pea flowers are a vibrant, blue-purple colour with light yellow markings, enclosed in greenish sepals. They are brittle to the touch and disintegrate into a powdery texture when rubbed. Caffeine Content: Caffeine-free Liquor colour: Blue How does it taste? Wow your guests with a vibrant, luminous indigo-coloured tea – and, it is 100% […]

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  • Calendula Tea

    Calendula flowers delight the eye with their vivid, bright orange colour. After drying, they take on a deeper orange hue. The petals are thin and wispy, slightly twisted into delicate long slivers. Caffeine Content: Caffeine-free Liquor Colour: Light orange How does it taste? Perfect for a Summer picnic, Calendula Tea delights the eye with a […]

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  • Cardamom Peony Tea

    Oval shaped brown cardamom seeds mixed with dark tea leaves, white peony buds, off-white slices of dried apple, purple beets and orange-hued papaya. Caffeine Content: Caffeine-free Liquor Colour: Golden yellow Ingredients: White peony, cardamom, apple, red beets, pineapple, lemon How does it taste? Cardamom seeds tend to float to the top of your golden-brown liquor, […]

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  • Carnation Tea

    Natural Carnation flowers are picked and dried and display a deep red to purple colour on the petals, enclosed by yellow-green sepals and short cut stems. Caffeine Content: Caffeine-free Liquor Colour: Red How does it taste? The dark red carnation symbolises love and affection – what better tea to serve on a romantic picnic? Enjoy […]

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  • Cassia Seeds Tea

    Dried Cassia seeds are small, slightly elongated kernels with a tear-drop shape and feature a vibrant, chestnut brown colour. The shells are brittle and tend to crack open along the seam. Caffeine Content | Caffeine-free Liquor Colour | Light amber How does it taste? For something different, steep up a pot of salty, bitter-sweet Cassia […]

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  • Chamomile Apple

    How does it taste? This golden yellow tea is among the best-known tea varieties in the world. If you are an avid tea drinker, chances are you had it many times before. Chamomile Apple Tea owes its fantastic reputation to the fact that its silky texture and soothing effect mix ideally with the slightly sweet, […]

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