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  • Assam Black Tea CTC

    Assam Black Tea CTC tea is processed via the unorthodox CTC, Crush, Tear and Curl method. This results in the leaves being formed into evenly-sized small, hard round pellets. The pellets are a dark earthy brown colour with hints of black. Caffeine Content | Moderate Liquor Colour | Red copper How does it taste? Assam […]

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  • Assam Black Tea FTGFOP1

    Assam FTGFOP1 is a top-quality orthodox tea, handpicked in the valleys of Assam, offering extended, twisted and convoluted leaves that are dark black. Caffeine Content: Moderate Liquor Colour: Red copper How does it taste? With a rich, bright coppery-red liquor hue, Assam tea delights with a full-bodied texture, a lovely sweet hint and a malty […]

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  • Assam Milk Tea Powder

    Top-quality Assam tea is ground to produce a smooth, fine powder. It is identified by its delicate, soft texture. Ingredients: Assam tea powder, milk, and sugar. Serving Suggestion Hot Tea   120ml just-boiled water   1 to 2 tablespoons Stir vigorously until powder if completely dissolved. Cold Tea   120ml just-boiled water   2 to […]

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  • Ceylon Black Tea P9

    Ceylon Black Tea P9 leaves from the tiny lush island of Sri Lanka, offer a dark black colour interspersed with shades of lighter brown. They have a thin long, wiry shape and a twisted form. Caffeine Content | Moderate Liquor Colour | Dark amber How does it taste? Ceylon Black Tea delights the senses. The […]

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    Cloves Cranberry Black Tea

    Cloves Cranberry Tea is a rich blend of exotic sun-dried fruits and flowers with black tea leaves as a base. In the mix are pink roselle flowers and pink cranberries. Adding a deeper texture are purple mulberries, plump blue-black raisins and dark liquorice root. Slivers of yellow pineapple and dried cloves bring a lighter hue. […]

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  • Earl Grey Black Tea FBOP

    Earl Grey Tea is well known in the Western world! The loose leaves have a dark black colour with highlights of brown, long slim shape and a slightly twisted form that unfurls when steeped. How does it taste? Earl Grey tea, FBOP, Flowery, Broken, Orange, Pekoe, is blended with organic Oil of Bergamot which has […]

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  • English Breakfast Black Tea

    English Breakfast Tea is made from a blend of Assam and Sumatra teas. The leaves and stalks are short, slightly twisted with a dark green-brown hue interspersed with lighter tan leaves. How does it taste? This classic tea was created with milk and sugar in mind but can be enjoyed equally without! Enjoy the mellow, […]

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  • Keemun Black Tea G2

    The famous Keemun tea offers dramatic pitch black leaves that are thin and slender with a slightly twisted shape. Watch them uncurl as you steep your tea! Caffeine Content | Moderate Liquor Colour | Red copper How does it taste? Keemun offers a rich and sensuous experience of mellow stone fruits and plummy autumn tones. […]

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  • Keemun Black Tea G5

    Keemun tea originates from the town of Keemun in the province of Anhui, a renowned tea-producing region. The leaves are thin, long and jet black in colour with a slightly twisted shape. Caffeine Content | Moderate Liquor Colour | Red copper How does it taste? This famous tea offers a hint of autumn, rich and […]

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