About Us


My passion for tea stems back to an early age when I would enjoy the wonderful, comforting feeling of sipping a cup with friends and family.

As I grew older, I took it as a challenge to seek out and taste different and unusual blends from around the globe. I spent time searching for a store with an extensive range of teas and tisanes at an affordable price and came up with very little. And so my dream was born – why not create my own tea shop and bring the joy of this beverage to other like-minded people?

Taking the plunge, I tried to sell a few bags online and was overjoyed when people bought my products and gave good reviews. That was the motivation I needed to set up The Tea Source MNL – my ultimate dream.

I hope that my passion for The Tea Source translates to tea drinkers around the globe. Each tea blend is carefully selected from exclusive suppliers. We locate these ‘People of the Earth’ on their original plantations where tea is organically grown and ethically sourced. The leaves are picked in the misty mountains of India, the vast plains of Africa and the dense, lush jungles of the tropics.

Exotic flavours and aromas will tempt your senses – each cup is a journey of perfection. Experience some of our exotic blends, we have natural flavours ranging from floral to fruity, woodsy, minty, honey-sweet or tinged with a hint of bitterness. You decide! Each blend is unique and hand-picked, each with its own story to tell.

Tea has amazing health benefits. In today’s stressful world, people are looking for chemical-free beverages and we are delighted to bring you this natural health-enhancing drink.

Have you considered offering tea as a thoughtful and original gifting idea? Let us help you plan your gift packs, souvenirs and giveaways for a special occasion.

We cannot wait to share our passion with you.

Your tea partner,

Angelyca Nery

The Tea Source MNL